Recipe Tests Grilling

As I write the recipes for my next cookbook about grilling and BBQ, I’ve been testing the recipes and rolling them out to my testers. Three recipes have gone out to my testers so far, and feedback has been positive!

Here are some photos of the BBQ Sauce, Rub and Potato Salad tests:

The BBQ Sauce and Rub were tested on brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken and chicken thighs. Also tested in slow cookers, grills and smokers. Both the sauce and the rub are intended to be versatile for any meat, and can be tweaked to preference of heat (if you like it spicy you can make it spicy!).PotatoSaladCollage

The potato salad made the rounds at several Independence Day celebrations, and the batch I brought to a friend’s house was entirely gone within an hour of setting it on the potluck table. Several fellow guests gave me feedback about it, and I’m confident they’re looking forward to publication of my book based on the number of requests for the recipe!



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