Cocktail Cookbook

Through the process of writing my first two cookbooks while planning the ten to follow in “The Home Cook’s Dozen” series, I’ve come to the decision that one of the books will feature beverages. Not just cocktails, but infusions for liquor, water and ice cubes, non-alcoholic drinks, and seasonal drinks such as mulled wine and blended drinks.

Enjoy a photo round-up of cocktails from the M Delish Boutique kitchen, and a few marvelous beverages I’ve ordered at bars and restaurants.


Above is a pitcher of red sangria I made for a crowd last week. This, along with my margaritas are excellent for bbq season. My guests encouraged me to write a cocktail book based on the sangria and margaritas. How can I say no to such a request?!


This bloody mary was actually my dinner one night in Kona, Hawaii. It featured a crab cake slider, and a bacon-wrapped prawn among other delicacies. I adore a good Bloody Mary. I’ve had plenty of practice making them the way I like, so it will be fun to commit a recipe to the page. Note: that is my husband behind the cocktail examining the marvel.


Another lovely sangria. This was in Hilo, Hawaii.


This is the “Thirsty Boozer” — a version of another recipe I wrote for the “Thirsty Bulldog”. Read more about it here.


Boat drink mastery – A good Pina Colada is evidence you’re on vacation. Again, in Hawaii. Keyword: VACATION!


The “Thirsty Bulldog” is on the top right. Adapted for a little sweet pug we befriended in Hawaii named “Boozer”. Hence, the “Thirsty Boozer” version.

God Mother – A spin-off of a “God Father”


Above is a “Bacon Gibson” that Mike made for a night of binge watching Mad Men. Sounds about right.


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