Central Coast Wine

Trader Joe’s* does a lot of things right. One of those things is providing good wine at an affordable price.

I lived in Los Angeles from 1998 through 2007, and during that time I explored the Central Coast wineries and tasting rooms several times every year. Beautiful country no matter the season.

At one tasting room, a favorite in Paso Robles Castoro Cellars, I learned about Trader Joe’s Coastal wines. A couple bucks more than the famous “Two Buck Chuck” (in California) or “Three Buck Chuck” (everywhere else). Castoro Cellars is the winemaker behind the private label line, and all of them deserve a day in court. I’ve been buying them ever since, and pointing it out to strangers in the store because that’s how I roll. I love it when somebody points a good wine out to me, so why not?


One of the reasons I repeatedly visited Castoro Cellars was of course the wines. But should you ever find yourself trying to plan your tasting trip (the number of tasting rooms and wineries is dizzying), be sure to plan a lunch or cheese & crackers at the lovely Castoro Cellars*.

Vines trained on an arbor walk provide shade as grapes literally dangle over your head while you stroll from the lower parking lot up the slight hill to the tasting room. In front of the building is a beautiful area with outdoor tables and stunning 360 views of the area, including the Castoro vines. Breathtaking and Relaxing.

The tasting room is bright and light with lots of counterspace for the tasting, and a very friendly staff, and lots of great treats to enjoy with your wine.

I’d love to hear if you already knew about the Coastal wines at Trader Joe’s, and if not will you go pick up a bottle? Be sure to share your thoughts too if you taste one!

*This is not a sponsored post. I am receiving no compensation from TJ’s or Castoro Cellars. I just love them both, and am compelled to share!

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