Cookbook Three: Grilling & BBQ

wpid-img_20140706_182642.jpgUPDATE: 4/7/17 – The grilling book is complete and ready to go to press. Help me get it printed here! Select any of the incentives and get great books and other products from M Delish Boutique while you help make this book a reality! This time around I am illustrating the book myself, and hoping you will love what I’ve done!

Now that my second cookbook “One Dish Wonders” is finished and heading to press, I’m shifting focus to planning and writing recipes for my third book. Title to be announced once I’ve legally secured it, this book will feature grilling and barbecue.

As I research for this book, I’m hoping for some crowd participation. Consider filling out my questionnaire regarding the topic. Simple and anonymous, this input will help me get an idea of what should be in my book. Fill out the form here!


I’ll be writing recipes for the testing phase throughout the 2016 grilling season. If you’d like to be a recipe tester, please join the recipe tester group here! Alternately, if you’re not on facebook, please comment on this blog post and I will contact you that way. Recipe testers are listed in the book for which they tested a recipe, even if the recipe doesn’t make it in the book. I also provide special discounts to my testers during the holidays and for pre-sale promotions. Plus…you get to try my original recipes…and I hope that is a benefit to you!

As always, please feel free to leave comments here about your thoughts on the topic at hand, and in this case bbq and grilling. Lively discussion is encouraged!

Update! Photos of my recipe tests as I write the book:








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  1. Cher Smith says:

    Cannot wait to receive cookbook #1 & #2 along with spice blends, What an awesome idea!! Thanks for allowing me to test your amazing recipes!!


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