Poke Tour – Hawaii: Mahalo Nui Loa’

For those of you who love Poke, I highly recommend going to Hawaii. They get it. They have killer Ahi for it, and it is on every menu. Each place has a little spin on how they do it. You can even chat up the local Farmer’s Market fishmongers about ordering it for private delivery or events…and some might even overnight some right off the boat to inland Texas if you use your mainland charm wisely (yes…I have a connection now!). These photos are from our amazing trip to Hawaii last Spring in celebration of my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.





Incredible, every last bite. I miss you Hawaii, and to all of the amazing chefs, bartenders and servers we met: mahalo nui loa’!!

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  1. CHERYL SMITH says:

    Love Hawaii and of course the food. I heard how wonderful your meals were there!!


  2. Bev manning says:

    Lordy! Such beeeeeeautiful food!

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