Tool Day: Bouquet Garni

I recently came across this lovely device which holds herbs, peppercorns and spices for infusing broth, alcohol, water, and so on with the contents you place in it. I have always used cheese cloth for this job, but I go through quite a bit of it, and this seemed like a very fitting gadget for my kitchen.

I test drove it last week and I’m a big fan. The lid has a hole so that you can grab it with a fork prong or skewer to remove it. I tried it out in my 7-day perpetual bone broth and I will use this likely hundreds of times. I am going to try infusing iced-tea with lemons and berries next.

You can get them lots of places, but the one in my photo is available here. I represent this with no incentive but to give you advice!

Be sure to read the Herb & Spice Advice post here for more information on using a Bouquet Garni.


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