Whole Loaf Sandwich

Updated 3.21.16: scroll down to read update.

Last week my husband discovered this video and recipe for a whole-loaf layered steak sandwich. With a few alterations, we made it. I recommend it, and will be adapting it to a variety of other sandwich ideas. Here’s the video…my photos and notes follow below.

This is the link to the written recipe and instructions.


We served sections of the sandwich with a cup of soup. Because we wanted the sandwich very hot and the cheese to be melted, we kept it in the oven for about 30 minutes. We also sliced the steak to make thinner cuts and a more flexible stacking situation. The bread removed from the loaf was used to make dried breadcrumbs for meatballs (another Sunday cooking prep project). This was a great dinner and leftover lunch.

We made a chicken sandwich this time:

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