Virtual Dinner Parties

Update June 2, 2016 – Completed tests for the first Virtual Dinner Party! Next up is the completion of the party document and tool kit. In the mean time, enjoy some photos from the party I hosted in Austin, Texas. I threw the party for my college besties who ascended on Austin from Colorado, California and Oregon to celebrate 25 years of friendship. Here’s some shots of our party! The first party is a Cross Country Wine Pairing Menu.

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Update May 1, 2016: We’re testing the party plan and getting it worked out so you can join the fun! In the meantime, check out some photos from the first test-run of #mdbvirtualdinnerparties


Original Post:

M Delish Boutique presents “Virtual Dinner Parties”! (Join the facebook party group here!)

What is a Virtual Dinner Party? Well, a dinner party plan with menus and recipes that you can use to map out your dinner party.

But wait! There’s more! These dinner parties will be chalk-full of opportunities to share your party with friends near and far. In fact, the whole idea came up because my old friend (and current recipe tester extraordinaire) and I were wishing we could throw a co-hosted dinner party together. But alas, she is in NY and I am in TX. She suggested that we plan one together and each throw the party. A concept was born!

The first party plan is underway. We’re planning a menu, sharing recipes and deciding themes, party size, and so on.

Oh…and there will be a hashtag, an e-party plan document you can download, and every bit of info you’ll need to plan your virtual party. Watch this section of M Delish Boutique for information as we plan our first party and all of the fun that goes along with it.

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