Drinking Game: MOIST!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all enjoyed some time in the kitchen cooking, eating, sipping and of course visiting with family and friends over the holidays. We hosted lots of family here in Austin, Texas. So much cooking and baking, a heap of cocktails and clinking of glasses…and for me, a renewal of energy and ambition for 2016.

Now getting to why you clicked into this post…

This year at my house we created a drinking game for Thanksgiving cooks (and anyone else lucky enough to be in the kitchen at the right moment). The rules are quite simple. If someone uses the word “moist”, DRINK! You wouldn’t believe how quickly the buzz kicks in, and if you think things will slow down over the course of the meal, you’re mistaken. To top it off, we had family phone calls after dinner and guess how everyone described their meal? Yep. DRINK! If you really want to get started early, turn on the television and get some cooking tips from any number of shows across the dial.

I expect to hear from everyone who plays this game at your next soiree…it could easily work at a bbq, a wedding (the cake will very likely be quite MOIST!), or whatever occasion calls for slow-cooked meat or perfectly baked sweet treats. We sipped on wine, so be warned! If you are drinking the hard stuff, you might need to call in the B-squad to get those fragile dishes to the table!

May you all have a very MOIST 2016! Cheers!

Thanksgiving: A Moist Affair!
Christmas Prime Rib with Yorkshire Puddings, Peas & Roasted Root Veggies. SO MOIST!

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