My Delish Christmas Projects

Make Clove Oranges! Scandinavian traditions with an M Delish Boutique twist. This is a mini book series. E-books, actually. So if you want to learn a little bit about history, get some decor inspiration, and learn to make something from the Scandinavian culture, here you go! Just $3 and available for immediate download.


This little five page book includes history, how-to make it, and more fun info and images about making this lovely fragrant traditional decoration.

A great gift to bring with you to any holiday gathering. Print out the book, add it to a gift basket with oranges, a small jar of cloves, and watch a tradition bloom! Conversation starters, easy projects and lovely decor, Clove Oranges delight!

Many of my favorite Christmas traditions come from family, along with the pages of books about Scandanavian Christmas that I’ve looked at since childhood. Each year I add new traditions from the pages of these books, with my own creative twists. I hope you enjoy learning, or learning more about clove oranges.

Please be sure to look for my other projects in this series including Gingerbread Houses, Glogg, Tomte/Nisse, Papercrafts, Sweet Treats, and more. Have a happy holiday season!

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