Melissa’s Tortilla Soup Photos

Melissa’s Tortilla Soup Photos! Enjoy photos of some of the results of the soup recipes in my brand new cookbook. These are actual photos from the M Delish Boutique test kitchen! The recipe for this soup is available in M Delish Boutique’s: The Soup Pot cookbook. Scroll down to see the pictures of Melissa’s Tortilla Soup.

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M Delish Boutique proudly presents: The Home Cook’s Dozen: The Soup Pot, by Melissa Machowskifeaturing twelve original recipes, serving suggestions, variations and beautiful illustrations by Kendra Shedenhelm.


Click Here to Purchase “Book One: The Soup Pot” by M Delish Boutique — Your order will arrive in your inbox within hours of purchase!

Click Here to Purchase all twelve books as a subscription — Each time I publish a book in the set, you’ll automatically be signed up to purchase each of the twelve books in the series, starting with “The Soup Pot” which you’ll get within hours of purchase!


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