Austin Farmers Market

Last weekend we attended the Texas Farmer’s Market at The Domain, which opens every Sunday from 3 to 6 pm. With our grocery list in-hand we walked from one end to the other, and then back again on the other side. This Farmer’s Market started just a few weeks ago. The selection includes lots of produce, some baked goods, pet treats, meat, seafood, flowers, cheese, mead, and dairy such as eggs. Click on the photos to visit the vendor websites.

We bought parsley here. They had lots of herbs and root vegetables. We asked if they had parsnips, but they didn’t bring any, as they weren’t up to (no pun intended) par.
This pet bakery sold a variety of cookies, plus “bully sticks”. The beautiful large retriever shopping there decided to enjoy his bully stick right then and there. A happy customer always makes a good impression.


This farm stand sold us a dozen eggs, pointing out that one of his hens has been laying lots of large eggs with double yolks. No official website available, click photo for contact info.
For those unfamiliar with Texas, Fredricksburg is in Hill Country, and is also right in Texas Wine Country. Settled by Germans, the food and beer on main street make a great destination. Stop at the wineries and farm stands along the way and don’t miss the peaches!
The tomatoes we bought came from Engel Farms. Delicious and gorgeous!
We bought a bottle of the “Wildfire” Mead from Meridian Hive Meadery, made with hibiscus, Thai peppers and local honey, among the many fascinating ingredients.


This Artisan Cheese stand offered samples of four or five flavors of cheese. We sampled the al fresco and the cumin cheddars. All things being equal, we chose the cumin cheddar, but either one would have made me quite happy!

This market will likely grow over time, and I look forward to returning during the later Summer months and early Fall when more produce will likely be piled on those tables. Be sure to follow their facebook page, and be sure to connect with the sellers ahead of time to place orders that can be picked up at the market.

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