Bacon Gibson

This week Mike decided to make Gibsons.


I’m paraphrasing Mike’s intro about Gibsons, but he tells me that Gibson was a doctor who liked martinis. At some point the good doctor Gibson added the onion to a martini for health reasons. If for no other reason, make a Gibson to honor the awesomeness of a doctor who doesn’t see the martini as a problem, but rather a vessel for the solution. Cheers!

Mike prefers a vodka martini, while I prefer gin. So we stuck with that formula for Gibsons. Interestingly, Mike wasn’t a huge fan of his drink because (careful, this language is pretty sophisticated) it was too “oniony”. Mine tasted just fine. Maybe the gin and onion flavors just blend better. The vodka didn’t have its own flavor to hold up to the onion.

Since we had bacon in the fridge from our Sunday dinner (Hungarian Goulash…we cooked the onions in bacon fat and saved the bacon for…well, apparently for Gibsons!), Mike added it to the mix. Even with the bacon, Mike’s onion flavor was too strong. This may be the first event in history when bacon didn’t fix everything. It did, however, make everything a little better.


Tune in next week for Mike’s Cocktail! I can’t promise bacon, but I can promise a buzz.

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