Kitchen Art DIY

Moving from one house to another involves a ton of work. My husband and I recently bought a house in Austin, after renting for almost two years. You see, we’ve moved from California to Massachusetts, then to Rhode Island, and almost two years ago to Austin, Texas where we live now. We rented a home at first, as we had a house to sell in Rhode Island before we could purchase one here.

Happily, we closed on the house and over the last week or so, we’ve been moving in. Prior to that I spent weeks packing what I wanted to move, and de-cluttering, de-stashing or trashing/recycling the rest. I’ll post separately about that process, because a major portion of the changes occurred in my home kitchen.

I wanted to share this little project I found somewhere along the way on Pinterest. If you do a simple search you’ll turn up lots of results, techniques and materials. This project kept me sane during the move. Because my kitchen became rather spartan during the packing and moving process, cooking didn’t provide my normal level of creative outlet. So I painted wood spoons. Crazy? Maybe. But when I needed a break, I walked out to the patio table and painted a coat of paint or sealer on a couple of spoons and enjoyed the pleasant Spring weather. These photos show a handful of what I did during the breaks.

kitchenArtDIYNote that these are not food-safe because I painted the entire spoon. You can make food and cooking safe ones by painting only the handles. I just love making these, and am considering sending one to each of my customers who purchase my first cookbook, or cookbook series (while supplies last… and at this rate I’ll have a boat load of these). Share your thoughts in the comments, and if you make this project too, please share your pics!

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