Sunday Dinner

We hosted guests last week, and Sunday dinner put me back together. I prepared three homemade baguettes, my husband’s family recipe for meat and mushroom sauce, and red wine & herb fresh pasta.

The Spread! Just before serving. Mixed the pasta and sauce in my large pasta bowl.
Three baguettes from a single batch of basic french bread dough. I added ground flax for nutritional value plus visually, I like a rustic bread.
This sauce cooked all day and features three pounds of mushrooms plus ground turkey and turkey sausage, three pounds total. Yep that is six pounds of turkey and mushrooms, not to mention the four onions, fresh herbs and cup of red wine!
My first crack at making wine pasta went swimmingly well! I was afraid, and prepared with a store-bought back up. But I was even so bold as to fold over the pasta with herbs tucked inside before running it through the final width on my pasta machine. Very pretty!

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