Tool Day: Compost

This is my humble companion, my counter top compost bucket. My lovely little helper, who stores my produce bits, orange peels, egg shells, coffee grounds and all that other good stuff that you want to keep out of the trash, and handy to toss in the outdoor compost (or your recycling bin if you don’t, or can’t compost). There are lots of different styles of these. From this stylish white number to many stainless steel versions to go with the contemporary kitchen trends. I personally love the white since I’ve moved so much over the last ten years.



I change the bag anywhere between one to three times per week, depending on how quickly I fill it up. But ALWAYS I change it out at least once because I use these compostable liner bags that tend to start biodegrading before you’d like if you wait for the bucket to fill up on a light cooking week (hint:: drink tea or coffee and they fill up faster!). If you plan to simply recycle your bags, you’ve got more options. There are more recyclable bags than compostable. These are the ones I’ve used (link).

BagBrand BagDetail

Changing the bags at least once per week keeps the filter nice and clean too. But don’t worry you can change them if they get mucky or stop doing the trick (your compost bucket should NOT stink up the kitchen). They don’t cost much, and I’ve even rinsed them and thrown them in the dishwasher to get me over the hump till new ones arrive.


If you’re new to composting, counter top composting, or need advice on how to avoid it being “gross”, I’m happy to answer questions in the comments section if you have them!

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