Tool Day: Grind

The Everything Grinder


Today I’m just talking about one tool. One tool that does lots and lots of work. This is a grinder for dried spices, peppercorns, course salts and dried peppers. It is brilliant for making fresh spice blends or rubs, and when not in use, I fill it with my mixed peppercorns from Germany because they’re both pretty and delicious! The grinder is super tough and so far has made quick work of everything I’ve tried grinding, including pieces of cinnamon stick.

This grinder is not suited for nuts. I have yet to find my perfect nut chopper. I love the simply design of this grinder, so of course I’d love a matching nut chopper.

*Note: If you click on the link in this post, to this product on amazon and make a purchase through that link, you’ll be supporting this blog!

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