Snap Cook: Cherry Preserves

I made Cherry Preserves. I did half pints in some cute jars with checkered country style lids that look pretty and modern, but with a call back to way back when. Watch for the recipe. I’ll be making my recipes available shortly.

I am not sharing the recipe in this post, as this is meant to show how the process looks for those of you considering making your own fresh canned jam/preserves!
The apples are just here to look pretty. So, you won’t need apples for this recipe. I pitted all of these and it took a good long time, made a mess and was really fun (for the mess-makers out there).
The fruit, measured and washed.
The pitted and mashed cherries in the pot with sugar and pectin.
Simmering for awhile breaks down the fruit and blends it with the sweetener and pectin.
After some simmering, we now have the final product! Its that simple!
Sterilized Canning Jars. I boiled them for 10 minutes (the lids too).
Having the right tools will prevent contamination and burns! Do it the right way! Canning is science. Read up!
I prepared 6 half pint jars, but only 5 were needed. I got a little lazy with pitting the cherries and cut the recipe back slightly.
Pressed out air bubbles, fastened lids and then return the jars to boil for 15 minutes, covered with an inch of water. Remove from pot and place on wood or a towel to cool slowly. Any jar lids that don’t seal properly should be re-canned or refridgerated and contents consumed within three weeks!

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