Tool Day: Making Pizza

Here are the tools in my kitchen that make Pizza making one of our favorite things to cook in the oven or on the grill! Click the pictures to find similar tools online!

Pizza Stone — It ain’t pretty, but this is our pizza stone. This is our second one, as we used our first one on the Weber grill and it ended up snapping in half.


Yes! We did that because grilling pizza over coals rules. So…the beauty in all of that experience is that we discovered that there are pizza stones that you CAN use on the grill without stressing it past its heat tolerance. Remember that when you use a pizza stone, you are going to want to heat it for 30-45 minutes before using it. In the oven, simply set it in there while it preheats and you get the prep and dough done.

Pizza Peels — Yes. Plural. One is great, but two is better. As Ingvie Malmsteen once said “More is More”. If you have two, you can rock the process much harder.


Ingvie Malmsteen would approve. While one has a new pizza ready to go in, the other is ready to take one out of the oven. If you’re bold, get a third. You can use it as a cutting board while the other two are in action. Or you can turn it on its side and air guitar like our beloved Ingvie.

Parchment — Using parchment is an excellent way to keep things from getting ugly, like our pizza peel. However, I would skip it over those coals (we obviously skip it) unless you want extra fire flavor (you don’t). I like to cut the corners off of several squares so they kind of fit the pizza stone. You can use the parchment to slide the pizza from the peel to the stone and back. Parchment makes a fine best friend in every kitchen.


Here’s what I usually use, but in this picture I’d run out and in a moment of weakness bought a store-bought kind. Recycle it!

Pizza Cutter — This one is an older model from Pampered Chef. But any nice, mid-priced cutter will do.


You want it to hold up over time to use and washing. Don’t get the cheapest or you’ll have to keep replacing it anyway.

Bread Machine or Mixer with Dough Hook — The magic wand of pizza dough is having a tool that will do the work. Unless you love kneading. Which is great too….especially because pizza dough doesn’t require as much kneading as other breads. But if you don’t like to knead, or you are busy or short on time, grab a robot and put it to work. Photo on the way!

Recipe Bonus! Machowski Family Pizza Dough Recipe To Follow! It will be linked from here once posted!

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