Kitchen Aid Mixer


My Kitchen Aid Mixer. I love this work horse. Having mixed my last mixer into oblivion, it was time to upgrade. I just got this about six months ago. So far I’ve made meatballs, multiple batches of cookies, dog treats, brownies, gingerbread, icing and, with a meat grinder attachment, ground herbed chicken burgers.  Oh…and my messiest challenge of all: marshmallows.  It works like a dream for everything I’ve made so far. And as an added bonus this beauty is available in a gazzillion colors and there is a wide variety of attachments. It can replace your pasta machine, meat grinder, juicer, and more.

Do you have a kitchen aid? Something else? Pros or cons? Comment if you’re a Kitchen Aid type, or if you believe something else is superior!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kitchenaid all the way! Mine is bright red. 🙂


  2. I’ve got a pastel pink – a housewarming gift for my first adult apartment from my family. It’s been with me ten years now and still looks brand new!


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